1. One of Tobias' parents was supposed to be African American, making Tobias a multiracial man.

    This show never ceases to amaze me. There was a thread on Reddit a couple of months ago where a former writer assistant for Arrested Development answered a bunch of questions about the show. 

    One of the questions was

    "One thing I was always curious about were Tobias’s references to him being a black man. Was this just a random joke, or was there going to be an episode about his confused racial identity?"

    And his/her answer:

    One of Tobias’ real parents were going to be black.

    Can you imagine how funny that would’ve been? All the little suggestions that we heard on the show make so much sense now.

    If you read the entire thread, you can see so many other amazing story lines that would have developed if the show wasn’t canceled so early. It is such a shame, really great stuff could have happened with all the characters.

    Thank you to brendanfrye and streetmagic192 for letting me know about the thread