1. Favorite AD facial expression? Seems like it's Micheal's reaction to the 'mayonegg!'

  2. i just finished watching the show ... and now there is no point in living. what now?

    Start it all over again. 

  3. When exactly is the right time to use the phrase Douchechilllllll....i cant seem to figure it out

  4. I'm not sure if this has been answered before, before but in season 3 when Michael is reluctant to introduce his family to Rita, and they decide to change the party to say they love him GOB says "Look at banner, Michael!". The banner says "Family Love Michael." I think there are some more instances of this, but is there a reason behind why GOB's grammar is so horrible?

    There’s also this:

    I don’t know why his grammar is so bad. Although, I have to admit, it makes his character much more funnier. 

  5. What does one need to make a stew?

    Meat on a bone, a pot, some broth, a potato. Carl Weathers. 

  6. in Motherboy XXX, what's up with the whole Burger King spiel? I love it. And I wikipedia'd it. But I still don't quite get why. . .

    Here’s the answer I found:

    In the Motherboy XXX episode there are frequent references to Burger King, including Carl Weathers saying he can get promotional consideration if he sets a scene at the restaurant. This was soon after an episode of “The Apprentice” featured the teams competing to market a new burger for Burger King, which some critics panned as essentially an hour long commercial for the restaurant. The original title of this episode was “The Tendercrisp Chicken Comedy Half-Hour”, in reference to a Burger King menu item. The producers of Arrested Development really did receive product placement money for the Burger King mentions in this episode, though in true irreverent Arrested Development fashion, they undermined the advertising potential of the unsubtle mentions with some rather more subtle digs at the chain and the whole idea of product placement. Two examples of this undermining are: 1) when Barry “jumps the shark,” it is simultaneous to his mention of Burger King - not a flattering juxtaposition, since “jumping the shark” stands for the moment when a TV show reaches its creative nadir; and 2) whenever a poster advertising the “Angus Burger” sandwich is visible in any scene, the letter “g” in the word “Angus” is partially or completely obscured, leaving a decidedly less appetizing name for the sandwich.[Source]

    I hope that’s clear enough.


    There’s a reward in it if you do. Then— would you like some foam in your coffee? It’s called a cuppakeno and wait till you see what it costs!

  8. I thought this was an obvious question, but my friends disagree. Is Tobias homosexual?

    They disagree that Tobias is gay? Okay, so let’s take a lot at all the things Tobias has said throughout the show that would definitely make you think he’s gay:

    • I suppose I’m just buy-curious
    • Because I’m a woman
    • You need to decide whether you want a man or a boy. I know how I’d answer.
    • After Jessie says “There are very few intelligent, attractive, and straight men in this town.” He replies, “Well that certainly leaves me out”
    • Let me take off my assistant’s skirt and put on my Barbra Streisand in The Prince of Tides ass-masking therapist pantsuit
    • I need to prove to her that I’m not just a man, but a man’s man
    • I ought to check myself into a men’s penal colony.
    • Nice to be back in a queen
    • I’m afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run if you will, so I’m afraid I have something of a mess on my hands
    • Oh, I got blown
    • I so very much would like to be in your prostate-ticular 
    • Or it could be your colon. I’d want to get in there and find some answers
    • I see you wasted no time in filling my seat-hole
    • Who’d like a banger in the mouth?
    • I can just taste those meaty leading man parts in my mouth
    • Oh, come on! Don’t leave your uncle T-bag hanging
    • Even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up
    • For there’s a man inside me, and only when he’s finally out, can I walk free of pain
    • Come on! Let’s see some bananas and nuts
    • I wouldn’t mind kissing that man between the cheeks, so to speak
    • Tobias, you blow hard
    • I tell you, you can zing your arrow into my buttocks any time
    • It’s supposed to say “Tobias’s Queen Mary.” I suppose I can just paint over Mary

    I’m sure there are lots more, but if those don’t convince you Tobias is gay, then I don’t know what will.

  9. look at banner Michael!

  10. What episode is it where Gob bites the candy apple & the first Annyong episode? lol

    The episode where Gob bites the candy apple is Charity Drive, S1E5. The episode when we first see Annyong is Shock and Aww, S1E15.