1. The Lost Roles of Arrested Development

    Andy Kindler
    The role: Gob Bluth
    Who got it: Will Arnett

    Gob was a breakthrough role for Will Arnett, allowing him to branch out to a wide variety of high-profile feature, TV, and voice roles. He’s perfectly-suited for the part to play Gob and it’s tough to imagine anyone else in the part. If Andy Kindler had won the role instead of him, this would have prevented Arnett’s ascent to stardom and changed the direction of the show, probably making it less popular, as Arnett’s interpretation of Gob is one of the most beloved in a series full of stand-outs.

    David Cross
    The role: Buster Bluth
    Who got it: Tony Hale

    Before he was immortalized as bicurious Bluth in-law Tobias Fünke, David Cross was approached to play Buster. He opted for the Tobias role instead, since it was only supposed to be a recurring part at the time, it would have required him to spend less time in L.A. He ended up having just as much screentime when Tobias was made a series regular, but Cross was the perfect fit for the role he ended up inhabiting, like pretty much everybody else on the show. Cross as Buster sounds like it could be amusing but it would have thrownArrested Development off-course and tampered with the show’s winning dynamic if he had taken this role instead.

    Andy Dick
    The role: Tobias Fünke
    Who got it: David Cross

    The Tobias character was originally intended to just be a guest starring role (as was George Sr.), but everyone was so impressed with David Cross’s performance that they kept him around. Needless to say, Cross was the right choice for Tobias and Andy Dick couldn’t have done it any better, but Dick’s version of the character could have been equally absurd and frightening in its own right. Given Dick’s commitment to the ABC show he was on, he couldn’t have taken this part full-time anyway, so Mitch Hurwitz hiring him would have involved Dick making occasional guest appearances and Tobias being a much smaller character on the show. Dick would eventually make his way onto Arrested Development in a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo as the host of a fictional TV show,Why We Were Scared of the 70’s.

    Rainn Wilson
    The role: Gob Bluth
    Who got it: Will Arnett

    Rainn Wilson booking the Arrested Development job would have hurt the comedy industry by preventing Will Arnett from finding his breakout role and keeping Wilson away from the role that made him famous on The OfficeThe Office and Arrested Development have been two of the best sitcoms of the last decade, and Dwight Schrute and Gob Bluth are arguably the most beloved characters on each of their respective series. The Office-sans-Wilson and Arrested Development-sans-Arnett could have still worked, but both shows would have been weakened considerably, which would have had a devastating effect on all of the shows and comedians they’ve influenced and inspired.

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