1. Arrested Development Screening?


    Hi everyone! So with thebluthcompany’s 2 year anniversary coming up, we were thinking of teaming up to rent a theatre and screening some Arrested Development.

    Would people from the DC/VA/MD area be interested in attending?

    Now we’re teaming up with Arrested Westeros to organize this tumblr meet-up/Arrested Development viewing party, so you know it’s going to be off the hook. Please reply if you are interested in attending. 

    1. dreamingofennui answered: um YES
    2. desfido answered: Yes
    3. rattietayls answered: Really interested!
    4. tanvicious answered: oh god I just saw this. I’m in. I had no idea you were from this area.. lets be friends forever
    5. waxwendy answered: Richmond standing by. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    6. tastyfuck answered: Wish I lived closer to those places..
    7. greencarnations answered: Oh hell yes.
    8. therealjayz answered: YES PLEASE! I’m in Charleston, SC but will fly anywhere for that
    9. at-the-river-bruinen answered: Hell yea!!!!!!! How would one go about getting an invite??
    10. sharielizabeth answered: YES
    11. justskiff answered: I very much want to go to this.
    12. foldsbaldwin answered: Yes, MD!
    13. la-fraisinette answered: Yes, yes, yes. I can count 6 people who would go. And once word spreads I’m sure there be 10s more, hehe
    14. fedvalentines answered: Yes yes yes!
    15. sarahacklen answered: i live in NJ but i’d totally make the trip for this!!
    16. lordevilvenom answered: YUS
    17. samanthatennant answered: YES!
    18. larassicpark answered: YES!
    19. leserlie answered: Yes!
    20. fydollapenisho answered: WHY CAN’T YOU LIVE IN NORTHERN NEW JERSEY?!?!?!
    21. katsavegan answered: I am very much interested!!! But I doubt it’ll be in Minnesota…
    22. or-is-it-written reblogged this from thebluthcompany
    23. or-is-it-written answered: MARYLANDER HERE. FUCK YES, I’M IN! :D
    24. theremusthavebeenaleak answered: in!
    25. paulastickers answered: yes
    26. exhaver answered: i am so in. especially if it’s at the draft house- and i’m sure the folks over there would be fully behind that idea.
    27. speakoffiction answered: Count me in! I am so so so down!
    28. toomcflyforyou answered: Make sure Gilligan is there. So in!
    29. thepoundingfathers answered: Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes