1. Who’s your favorite ‘Arrested Development’ guest star?

    1. herbaliser reblogged this from thebluthcompany and added:
      Henry Winkler. He and Tobias are so wonderfully gay.
    2. youmeandeirene answered: rita :)
    3. oatmealareyoucrazy answered: Liza Minelli
    4. iaintnotadpole answered: Zach Braff
    5. notanormalwashingtongirl answered: TOBIAS!!!!
    6. missexpresso answered: Charlize Theron
    7. trappedinpiss answered: carl weathers
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      I read the question wrongly and answered “Tobias Funke” instead of a guest star. :\ I love everyone but his name is...
    9. peiyu answered: Tobias Funke. Actually I can’t choose, but his name has got to be the most epic one.
    10. teenagehag answered: amy poler. just cause she got married to will arnett
    11. carrizi answered: Martin Short
    12. craponacrayfish answered: Amy Poehler as Wife of Gob
    13. whenthelightsaredim answered: Andy Richter!
    14. zachindes answered: Martin Mull as Gene Parmesan or Martin Short as Uncle Jack
    15. puppyweebles answered: the Fonze
    16. rumham-imsorry answered: Carl Weathers
    17. somethingsarepoison answered: Charlize Theron
    18. noahlibotte answered: It’s between Uncle Jack and Lucille two!
    19. cst003 answered: Would Judy Greer be considered a guest star?
    20. msqrv answered: I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it
    21. dennalplan answered: I really liked Carl Weathers when he shows up. Whenever I see Liza Minelli I think of Lucille 2 though.
    22. joylovelight answered: Charlize Theron
    23. clippingcoupons answered: Zach Braff
    24. cdhstarz answered: Dave Attell and Jane Lynch
    25. im-slipping-into-midnight answered: Carl weathers, or Amy poeler
    26. vegan-barbie answered: Amy Pohler
    27. shoelid answered: Tobias
    28. imtrevonte answered: Charlize Theron
    29. 2fat-2furious answered: Carl Weathers
    30. thenoblex answered: Zach Braff
    31. brassgadgets answered: Just give me a little bit Carl Weathers, and baby, you got yourself a stew goin’
    32. guiltregret answered: Ben Stiller
    33. cosmicsaganaut answered: Ben Stiller as Tony Wonder. Hands down.
    34. sumomona answered: julia louis-dreyfus!
    35. pocketsmcgee answered: martin short
    36. notso answered: charlize theron!
    37. iced-trappuccino answered: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    38. efishkin answered: Martin Mull as Gene Parmesan. This is not disputable.
    39. youknowwobbles answered: Uncle Jack
    40. theresmorethanoneofeverything answered: Rita. Especially her dress sense, chocolate medals and apparent banjo skills.
    41. harbingerofdoom answered: 100% Carl W.
    42. wedontletthemin answered: Carl Weathers
    43. mttbrgr answered: Ben Stiller!
    44. fluke07 answered: Carl Weathers
    45. showeringwithbeer answered: Carl Weathers is one of the funniest characters I’ve seen on TV. In fact, I should get a stew going…
    46. v-has-come-to answered: has to be carl weathers
    47. kbyrne926 answered: Heather Graham
    48. bluetallulah answered: Amy Poehler!
    49. richithomas answered: Charlize Theron