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  3. Now the story of a thunder god who lost everything, and the one brother who has no choice but to help him out.

    It’s- Thorested development.

  4. alright im sure you've been asked this before but I'd like to know what your favorite gag/reccurring theme would be? ex: egg, chicken dance, "ive made a huge mistake" ect.

    "I’ve made a huge mistake" is definitely one of my favorites. Also, would the banners be considered a running gag? If so, that’s one of my favorites too.

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  7. What's the soup of the day?


  8. Just watch it. 

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  10. Yes, I'm looking for Hermano.

    Oh, mi hermano? Alli. 




    Ah, mi hermano? Alli. 


    That’s the guy who just … Son of a bitch.