1. I recently watched season 4 and I thought it was okay. One thing that bugged me was that it was confusing, for example, why was Tobias charged for being a sex offender? Was it because his license plate said "Anustart"? I know it sounded like he was a sex offender when he went into the model home, but then why did they already have the camera and things set up?

    I’m sorry, I only watched the season once and I can’t remember too much about it, so I can’t really help you with this question. Maybe the followers could reply to this and help you instead?

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  3. Hey my name is Dylan. I work for What’s Trending. We’ve recently finished a video with Tony Hale reacting to the best Arrested Development parodies on Youtube. Thought it would appeal to your audience. Check it out. Thanks!

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  9. i think it'd be sick if they sold the bluth baseball jerseys from "Switch Hitter" as merchandise


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