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  3. Want to dress up as an Arrested Development Character for Halloween?

    Here are some cool ideas suggested by some of our followers:

    • Be Gene Parmesan — aka team up with a Lucille and wear various bad disguises throughout the night but your Lucille always freaks out when you reveal yourself (suggested by: boocrooks)
    • Many faces of Tobias Funkë: in a group, someone goes as blue Tobias, someone as Mrs. Featherbottom, someone as Leather Daddy (suggested by: overcaffeinatedandunderprepared)
    • Buster in an army suit carrying around a stuffed seal (suggested by: floatingforgetfullyalong)
    • A Christmas or wrong holiday sweater as Lupe! (suggested by: smelseeee / this one made me laugh out loud) 
    • Wear any costume you want, but wear glasses & a beard under it & periodically remove your hat/whatever & say, “Gene Parmesan, how ya doin?” (suggested by: bluth-or-dare)
    •  For girls - dress dumpy and plain. Then when people ask who you are, say “Ann”, and if they say “who?” you’ve nailed it. (suggested by: nfinitesimal7 / also fantastic) 
    • Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution (suggested by: sociallyawkwardsuperhero)

    Or you can always go and read this guide we wrote last year.

    I hope your Halloween costumes are off the hook!

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